SRS matched tubes- the finest vacuum tubes for your tube amplifier



Effects Pedals and Tuners


Danelectro Fab Overdrive

Just a mild push over the top

Great for Blues and Rock


Danelectro Fab Distortion

Extra grind, more gain than the OD

Rock, Alternative, and Metal


Danelectro Fab Metal

Extra high gain, great for Drop-D

Very heavy tone




Fender Reverb/Vibrato Pedal

Vintage Style, RCA Plugs, 12 foot cable length

Brand new Fender 2-button reverb/vibrato footswitch pedal. Standard footswitch for a plethora of vintage Fender amplifiers including: Bandmaster Reverb, Deluxe Reverb, Princeton Reverb, Pro Reverb, Quad Reverb, Dual Showman Reverb, Super Reverb, Super Six Reverb, Twin Reverb, Vibrasonic Reverb, Vibrolux Reverb, Vibroverb, as well as the MusicMan (Leo Fender) amplifiers, and many more- very versatile and useful pedal for dirt cheap. RCA connectors, 12-foot cord. 




Universal Keyboard Sustain Pedal

Switches from normally closed to normally open operation, compatible with all keyboards and synths with a 1/4" mono sustain jack.


QuikTune Guitar and Bass Tuner

Lightning fast tuning of Guitar and Bass, features 1/4" line in and out jacks, plus a built in high sensitivity microphone for tuning acoustic instruments!

Fast and accurate LCD meter, automatic note selection for hands-free tuning! Handy coin slot on rear for tilt-back stand- this is a really great tuner, at a really great price!



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