"Great quality product and fast delivery, at the best prices on the net! Wow, what more do you need?"
-R.B., San Diego, CA
In the business of building and repairing electronic musical equipment for nearly 30 years now, SRS has built a firm reputation as one of the premier tube amplifier builders and repair shops in the world, catering to the vintage amp enthusiast as well as the professional working musician. Our products can be seen in recording studios and on tour worldwide, as the secret weapon of many a pro musician who is familiar with and demands THE TONE...
   Until recently, our staff was kept eternally busy, taking on work by appointment only, but a recent expansion has made it possible for us to offer our high quality goods and services to a wider range of people. This online web store is an indication of our growth in the marketplace, but we will *never* sacrifice the quality of our products or the work we perform in the name of business volume. We stand behind everything we sell with a full warranty, one of the best in the business!

   Here's what just a few of our many happy customers have to say:

     "Thanks so much for the great service...you'll be my tube connection from now on!!!
     ...Our new CD is going to be on Surf Dog records, not sure when it'll be out in stores...we'll be touring starting in July."

-S. Minchk, Guitarist, Big Blue Hearts, Los Angeles, CA

     "WOW! It seems like those tubes were teleported to my doorstep! What a deal!"
 -C. Smith, River Forest, IL

     "I would recommend these guys to other guitar players, tube heads..."
-W. Page, Salem, MO

"GREAT TUBES- sold by knowledgeable musicians..."
-F. Gavoni, Blues Guitarist, Plymouth, MA

"Great match on these tubes. The SRS staff was very helpful to me!"
-P. O'Connell, Melbourne, FL

"6 days from USA to my door in Australia. That is Good!!!!"
-D. Sheppard, South Coast, Australia

"...Love the SRS BiasTool- get one NOW if you own a tube amp!" 
-R. Thomas, on the road somewhere in the U.S.

"Got a Quad a few months ago and wanted to make a comment. I also have a quad of Mullards to compare these with and after about 60 hrs break-in for the EH 6CA7's, these compare VERY favorably to the Mullards at a much better price. I also believe in buying from 2 different sources and yours were the best!! Keep up the good work!!"
-R. Daniels, Tube Audiophile, Boca Raton, FL

Arrived in Italy in a few days- impressive!
-M. Carminati, Caravaggio, Italy